Atty. Acosta Naglabas Ng Ebidensya Laban Sa Bulacan Masaker Suspects

Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Chief Atty. Persida Acosta introduced towards the push the suspect within the Bulacan Massacre won't get any assist from their office. Atty. Acosta stated that their office isn't just for the accused however it is for your individuals who require assist and it's primarily based on who arrives initial. She statements it's the victim’s family members who requirements them and also the PAO Chief also stated they wish to give justice towards the victims particularly towards the kids who had been minors, certainly one of them hardly one-year-old, killed by drug addicts. Atty. Acosta also stated that she thinks that unlawful drug use will be the root trigger of the poor issues individuals do.

PAO Chief Atty. Presida Acosta’s assertion to deny the accused of authorized counsel appears to violate his legal rights according to the 1987 Structure of the Philippines Post III, Segment twelve:

Regardless of how heinous the criminal offense a celebration is accused of, they're entitled for their correct to counsel. Moreover her assumption of the accused’s guilt appears to be opposite to becoming presumed harmless till confirmed responsible according to Post III Segment fourteen Paragraphs 1-2 of the 1987 Structure of the Philippines:

The victims had been killed within their house in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan last Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Estrella and Aurora had been discovered lifeless and bare in numerous components of the home. The 3 kids had been then discovered within a locked space also lifeless from stab wounds. They had been discovered by Carlos, Estrella’s spouse who just arrived house from his evening obligation as being a safety guard inside a financial institution in Makati City.

1 of the 3 suspects surrendered himself towards the authorities as his conscience was haunting him and he regretted the criminal offense that he did. The suspect stated within an unique job interview with ABS-CBN “Wala lang po, parang trip-trip lang… Naisipan lang pasukin, ganoon. Hindi naman po sinadya namin na talagang - kusa lang pong pinasok,” . He also stated they had been below the affect of medicine that is why they did the criminal offense.



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