Abdullah Goldiano Makapaar bin Sabbar (known as Commander Bravo) was a Moro rebel (Maranao Tribe) and a Brigadier Commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (M.I.L.F.), 303rd Brigade (Camp John-Mack), in Lanao del Norte, a province in northern Mindanao Island of the Philippines. He was later promoted to Division Commander and served as Commanding Officer in the northwest of Mindanao, including Camp Bilal. Camp Bilal is one of the biggest military-training camps in northwestern Mindanao, and was previously handled by his elder brother, the late "Commander James Bond" (Tagoranao Goldiano Macapaar). The nickname "Bravo" given to Abdullah came from a candy popular at the time.

Abdullah Makapaar replaced his elder brother, the late "Commander James Bond" (Tagoranao Goldiano Macapaar) who was a Lieutenant of Philippine Army and who had created Camp John-Mack of the 303rd Brigade with the approval of the then Vice Chairman, Murad Ebrahim, on the recommendation of field commanders. Camp John-Mack is named after Goldiano Macapaar bin Sabbar's brother (Tabowa "John" & Mackrang "Mack"), the Moro revolutionary leaders Edward "Mackrang" and Tabowa "John" Goldiano Makapaar bin Sabbar, who were killed in battle. His eldest brother, the Hon. Abdulrahman "Lama" Goldiano Makapaar bin Sabbar, was a former Barangay Chairman of Delabayan, and later ABC President of Kauswagan. and former Provincial Board Member for Lanao del Norte. Other Goldiano Macapaar bin Sabbar brothers died in battles under Martial Law in Lanao del Norte. Today, Abdullah Goldiano Makapaar bin Sabbar engages in the ILAGA war against the Moro, calling for the Bangsamoro people, particularly those in Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur and neighboring provinces to support the Federalism and Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) under the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB).


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