BREAKING NEWS! Suspected BIFF Destroys Church, Leaves Message To President Rodrigo Duterte

BIFF – The Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, the suspected group to the attack in Pigcawayan in North Cotabato destroyed church and left a message to the president.

The picture of the aftermath of the church and the message for the president of the Philippines from the suspected BIFF group was shared and posted on a Facebook page of News5.

Recently, the barangay hall and school of the Malagakit  in Pigcawayan of the North Cotabato was reported to have been attacked by the BIFF.

And just this day,  it was found out that aside from their attack in the barangay hall and the school, they have also attacked the church.

The insides of the church was destroyed and in total chaos.

The statues of the saints were broken and even the tabernacle.

President Rodrigo Duterte photo was also torn and burnt down and they have a message for the leader of the country.

As indicated on the message, they said that no matter what the president will do, he cannot stop them. They even said that they are ISIS.

Curses were also indicated and their next target is the Davao City.

Check out the photos below:








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