BREAKING NEWS: CCTV footage shows gunman during Resorts World attack

The crime was carried out with virtually no hindrance from hotel security until the rampage happened, CCTV footage shows.

A day after the tragic incident, the management of Resorts World Manila management released the security camera video showing how the gunman went on a shooting spree and torched the casino area.

In a media briefing on Saturday, Resorts World Chief Security Officer Armeen Gomez detailed the management's official security report with the showing of the video.

The video supported previous accounts of what may have transpired. The gunman entered the building and was met by only one security detail.

The person went straight to the lobby and fired warning shots, then to the second floor where he torched gaming tables and slot machines.

He then grabbed ₱113.1 million worth of chips, which authorities said established the robbery angle.


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