Alam mo ba? Si Marcos ang tumulong kay Ninoy noong siya ay nasa Boston

It was NINOY who took care of all the bills and CORY did not even have a single cent to spare. Each time the family’s finances ran low, NINOY would rush to a public pay phone in any of the streets or corners of Boston and make a confidential call to the late Ferdinand MARCOS, FERDIE, his fraternity brother in Upsilon Sigma Phi.

After each call, with only minutes, an hour or hours interval, a packet of One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$100,000) would arrive at the family’s place or at a designated drop point.

Ang rebelasyong ito ay siyang babago sa pananaw ng mga Pilipino tungkol kay Ferdinand Marcos. Ferdinand is a good friend to Ninoy na kahit trinaydor na niya ito noon paman ay naging mabuti parin si Marcos na kaibigan.


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