Pinay Housemaid in Kuwait Hanged to Death After Killing Employer's Daughter

An OFW housemaid working in Kuwait was executed by hanging which was confirmed by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). The housemaid who was identified as Jakatia Pawa from Zamboanga del Norte was sentenced for execution after stabbing her employer's 22-year old daughter while sleeping.

The incident occurred way back in May 14, 2007 and after almost a decade, Pawa was sentenced to death this January 25, 2017 in Kuwait at exactly 10:19 a.m.

The DFA said that they gave everything in their power to save Pawa's life but ultimately came up short according to Charles Jose, spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs. In a statement, he said "The embassy made the last-ditch efforts, trying to save her. The embassy made representations with the Office of the Ameer, while at the same time, the department called early this morning the Charge d’ Affaires of the Kuwaiti embassy here in Manila," the spokesperson said. "Up to the last minute, we were hoping that the family will accept the blood money, but the family did not agree,"

Pawa's remains will be buried in Kuwait as part of the Islamic process but her family requests that she is given proper burial. She will be buried within 24 hours after her execution as part of Muslim tradition.

The DFA assured that Pawa's family will receive support from the government following the execution of their beloved family member.


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